Christian MESTRE

Christian MESTR is a professor at the University of Strasbourg and an expert in European law. He has extensive teaching experience at the University of Alsace and the University of Bruges. At ISK Mestre teaches European International Law.




 Alexis VAHLAS

Alexis Valas is a lecturer at the University of Strasbourg. A specialist with extensive experience who has worked in international organizations such as NATO headquarters. At ISK Valas teaches European Law, Public International Law, International Security





 Patrick DOLLAT

Patrick DOLLA is a lecturer at the University of Strasbourg. After receiving his PhD in 1997 from the University of Paris V, Patrick Dolla is an experienced expert in international law. He was an international expert at the Council of Europe, as well as in a scientific group of the European Union. at ISK Dolla teaches Public International Law.






Pierre TIFIN
Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Lorraine

The professor of public law runs the IRENEE research laboratory.

His research topics: Specializing in administrative law and expropriation law, he is, inter alia, the author of the work on French administrative law published in Germany, and was also an expert in the Tempus project (Inter EU law East). His subjects are mainly administrative law and local government law.

His projects led component: Over the past ten years, the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management in Metz has grown significantly, increasing the number of its students by 50%. This dynamic should continue through the development of the international and, in particular, the deepening of the Franco-German language, greater openness to the professional world, and the creation of qualified training. Finally, the development of vocational training and excellent pedagogical training is very much for the harmonious development of the region.


Christophe de Nantua
Professor, Doctor of Law

Research conducted at the University of Paris X-Nanterre

Research educator at the National School of Penitentiary Management and Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Metz since October 2011.


• constitutional law (law L1: 72 hours CM, L1 AES: 42 hours CM)
• political life (L1 right: 36h CM)
• international public law (36 h CM, L3 law)
• general knowledge (30h CM, LAP)
• political science ("the great paradigms of political science")



Licensed to admit students for dissertation research (University of Strasbourg)

Doctoral thesis on the topic: "Protection of an integrated distributor under French and German law"

Since September 2007: Lecturer at the University of Metz (now the University of Lorraine)

Subjects taught:
• -Introduction to Business Law (L2)
• -Safety Act (L3)
• -Special contracts (L3)
• -Comparative Business Law (M1)
• -International Private Law (M1)
• -International and comparative distribution of law (M2 "Business Law"
• cross-border ")
• - Law on the International Sale of Goods (CVIM) (id.)


 Pascal Kai

Monitor Beneficiary at the University of Evry-Val d'Essonne (2000-2003);

ATER at the University of Evry-Val d'Essonne (2003-2005);

Lecturer at the University of Evry-Val-d'Essonne (2005-2009);

Associate Professor, Doctor of Public Law at the University of Lorraine, DEA UFR, since September 1, 2009.

Teaches on
• Administrative property rights: L3 Law
• Expropriation Act: Act L3
• Administrative process: L3 Droit
• Public Contracts Law: M1 Law
• Preemptive right: M2 "Urban planning and construction law"
• Judicial public construction: M2 "Urban planning and construction law"


Laurent Groklode

Doctor of Laws Lecturer at the University of Toulouse in the Pyrenees-Hills. Director of the Department of European and International Relations. Teaches at the Graduate School of Lawyers in the Southwest of France. Laurent Groklode is a member of the jury for the Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Research, specialist in tax law and public finance.




Paola Nabet

Lecturer at the University of Lorraine. She specializes in corporate and international law issues.

After completing her DEA degree in International Business Law, Paola Nabet received her PhD. In addition to her doctorate, she passed the CRFPA exam and then received the CAPA at the Avocawat High School in Versailles in 2009. Since 2013 she is also an assistant professor at the University of Luxembourg.




Etienne BAHON

French teacher

- 2019-2020 - Professor of French as a Foreign Language, Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 2019 - Professor of French as a Foreign Language, 115 hours - Sorbonne Kazakhstan Institute - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 2019 - Professor of French as a foreign language, 40 hours - Center for Geoenergy, KazNU named after Al-Farabi, Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 2016-2017 - Professor of French as a Foreign Language 40 hours (CEFR: level A1 to B1) - Academy of Arts and Culture of Kurdistan - Paris

Spoken languages: French (native language), English (CEFR: B2), Russian (CEFR: A2)