Description of the specialty of the bachelor "International relations"

Description of the specialty of the bachelor of social knowledge in the direction

"International relations"

Training in the specialty of international relations includes a wide range of professional competencies in various industries. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this educational area is its versatility. Bachelors and masters who graduated from universities with a specialization in international relations have a very wide choice of further employment.

The Bachelor of Social Sciences program in International Relations includes historical, legal and economic disciplines, as well as foreign languages. Graduates have excellent prospects where to work in the specialty of international relations.

At first, after graduation, work in the specialty of international relations can be the position of a translator, trainee, junior researcher. In the future, the career of graduates develops in such areas as international relations, political science, scientific research, international consulting services, journalism and translation activities.

Purpose of the 2020 undergraduate study program of admission

Training of bachelors in international affairs with fundamental knowledge, skills of professional identity and professionally significant and personal competencies in the field of international relations, contributing to the successful integration of graduates of the program in various spheres of international relations, in the context of globalization of world political and economic systems.

Students learn:
• Speak fluently in two or more foreign languages
• Organize international negotiations, meetings, conferences and seminars, take part in them
• Conduct business correspondence in a foreign language on the organization of international events
• Carry out professional written and oral translation of materials from foreign languages ​​into Russian and vice versa
• Draw up diplomatic documents, draft agreements, contracts and programs of upcoming events
• Establish international contacts, establish and develop already existing international relations in the field of culture, science and education
• Regulate global political, economic, military, environmental, cultural and ideological processes
• Resolve contradictions and conflicts of the highest complexity
• Develop practical recommendations on the activities of various authorities of the Russian Federation in the foreign policy area
• Participate in the creation and implementation of international projects
• Monitor developments in the host country
• Introduce and explain the foreign policy of the state whose interests you represent
• Protect compatriots who are on the territory of another country
• Accompany international delegations
• Observe the corporate culture of international communication, both formal and informal
• Use in communication the peculiarities of the local business culture of a foreign state
• Form and promote a positive image of the state and municipal service, country and territory
• Work with media materials, compose press reviews on given topics, find, collect and summarize factual material, draw conclusions
• Analyze modern international relations and the prospects for their development
• Analyze the prospects for the development of foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and cooperation with other countries

The graduate is ready to work in:

• international and national organizations and institutions that cooperate with foreign markets,
• enterprises that operate on international markets,
• institutions and enterprises related to international trade,
• international organizations and institutions,
• government units related to foreign and economic policy,
• research and expert centers dealing with international relations.