Research work of the department of "Economic specialties"

One of the areas of activity of the Department of Economic Specialties of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute of KazNPU Abay is the research work of faculty members, undergraduates and students.

The main goal of the scientific activity of the department of economic specialties is the development and strengthening of the intellectual scientific potential of the faculty, aimed at obtaining new progressive scientific results and knowledge and their further introduction into the educational and organizational work of the university in order to increase its competitiveness.

Achieving this goal implies the solution of the following tasks:

- involvement of all employees in the implementation of scientific activities;

- conducting research and development on the main problems of economic and social modernization of Kazakhstan;

- continuous improvement of the qualification of the faculty;

- development and approbation of new scientific ideas, dissemination of knowledge in the field of economic science and management practices through the preparation and publication of educational methodological and scientific literature;

- participation of the faculty staff with reports and reports at international, republican, regional, sectoral and other scientific and practical conferences and seminars;

- involvement of students in the specialties assigned to the department in the conduct of scientific activities;

- expansion of international scientific ties and partnerships;

- discussion of prospective and annual plans of research of the department and university, development of recommendations and their approval at the meetings of the department, on the scientific councils of the Institute and the University;

- hearing the results of the research work of the department staff, assessing their effectiveness and quality of implementation;

- summing up the annual results of the research activities of the department, and their introduction into the educational process.

To date, the department has a competent staff potential (doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, masters), with the use of which educational and methodical and scientific assistance is provided to students, undergraduates of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute and the University. The faculty conducts a serious scientific and information work, the main tasks of which are the development of scientifically grounded recommendations on problems of accounting, finance, management, and marketing. The scientists of the department maintain contacts with Kazakh and foreign universities, as well as with many domestic and foreign companies and organizations, finance, management, marketing, leasing and logistics associations of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The scientific school of the department is the base for the establishment of the national economy school. In particular, the department has a methodical seminar, its leader and coordinator is PhD Teacher Telagusov E.O. The methodical seminar functions in accordance with the approved plan. At the department there is also a scientific seminar, under the direction of Candidate of Economic Sciences teacher Isaev A.T., which constantly addresses the current problems of national economy.

Scientific work of undergraduates is carried out within the framework of scientific directions of the department. Subjects of scientific works of undergraduates are updated annually taking into account the actual directions of innovative development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensuring the solution of strategic goals of social and economic development.

In general, the complex of solved problems of the research work of the department of economic specialties is aimed at achieving the goals and achieving the university's goals: meeting the needs of the society in highly qualified graduates with broad theoretical knowledge and practical skills, intellectually developed, able to adapt to the ever changing market requirements.