On May 3 2018 the presentation of the scholarship programme Abay-Verne took place in the conference room of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute. Master’s degree students, professors and administration staff – from all universities – were present to discover the programme and its modalities. It was introduced by the French Embassador, Philippe Martinet, the Attaché of University Cooperation of the French Embassy, Gilles Mametz, and the Supervisor of Campus France. The presentation ended after they answered the audience’s questions.



DEADLINE TO APPLY: MAY 3, 2018 (see website)

The scholarship programme Abay-Verne was created after an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic. To be eligible, students must hand in the following documents:

1. Free presentation of the study project abroad (in Kazakh or Russian langage);

2. The filled in form (see Annex) ;

3. Two CV : one in French or English depending on the choosen formation and a translation in Kazakh or Russian (1 recto page) ;

4. Motivational letter : one in French or English depending on the choosen formation and a translation in Kazakh or Russian (1 recto page) ;

5. Copy of passport ;

6. Letter of pre-admission into the university/research center ;

7. Certified copies of diploma and transcripts of records since the Bachelor’s degree. For the candidates to the programme, the results to the degrees « bachelor » or « Spetsialist » must not be below 3,0 (out of 4,0 and 4,33) GPA.

8. For the candidates enrolled into a formation taught in French : proof of French language level minimum B1 (DELF, DALF, TCF). This requirement does not apply to people who studied in French-speaking higher education establishments ;

9. For the candidates enrolled into a formation taught in English: proof of English language level minimum B2 (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS). This requirement does not apply to people who studied in English-speaking higher education establishments ;

10. For the doctorates : research projects of maximum 2 pages with the Thesis Supervisor’s notice ;

11. Bank account. At the end of the selection process ;

12. A medical certificate 082/y for departures abroad (see attached document). At the end of the selection process.


Furthermore, candidates to the cotutelle or codirection Doctorate programme must give :

- a description of the research project (2 pages) ;

- if applicable, a list of scientific publications or previous works ;

- two recommendation letters from the research directors in English or in French.


The Kazakh party funds a life scholarship of 800 euros per month for a length of 10 months (from September to June) for Master 2 level and of 1200 euros per month during 6 months per year (from September to February) during all three years of the Doctorate.

The French party offers scholarships of social insurance for students of Master 2 level on a 10-month period and for doctorates (10) on a 6-month period per year during the 3 years of Doctorate. These scholarships of social insurance open your right to the following advantages :

  • exemption of the registration fee in public institutions ;

  • status of scholar from the French government, that allows free registration in public higher education establishments ;

  • being attached to the general scheme of the French social security ;

  • right to a free student long-stay visa ;

  • having access in priority to accomodation in student residencies ;

  • right to accomodation financial aid as well as to the « CLÉ » programme (State Rental Deposit) ;

  • having reduced prices for cultural activities. Rules applicable to this scholarship are those that regulate all the French government scholarships.


Priority will be given to the graduates who followed a formation part of the French-Kazakh programmes or to Master’s students or Doctorates who study in establishments having partnership agreements with French higher education establishments.

French Alliances of Almaty, Astana and Shymkent are at your disposal for any question concerning the application and the certifications. For any further information you can reach the Campus France offices, located in the French Alliances.


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